Saturday, October 15, 2011


Sometimes you come across artwork that is so breathtaking - both inspirational in the design and mind blowing in the care and craft required to make it.
Elsa Mora is a paper artist and her work just blows my mind! I can't imagine ever having such skill and talent. Her work is intricate, detailed and exquisitely realised.

Her story is really interesting too - read about her life here...

She says,"Sometimes life is hard but with all the things that I learned from my past in Cuba, I try to find the positive in the negative.......In the end each one of us has the power to be what we really want to be, that's what our journey is all about. I just want to keep going on this journey for as long as it lasts."

Check out her papercuts and sculptures here on flickr, check out her blog here and her etsy store here! Hope you find it inspiring!
posted by Julianne Sister outlaw


  1. How gorgeous are those paper cutouts ... they are so beautiful and yes, very inspiring.

  2. Wow! What an intricate art Elsa has. Beautiful but I think I'll stick to my sewing machine.