Thursday, October 6, 2011

In praise of random colour

When I was four years old my Granny knitted me a striped short sleeved jumper from the scraps. I loved that jumper. So much so that I refused to let my Mum throw it away, long after I had grown out of it. That and a yellow dress my Mum had  painted the seven dwarfs around the bottom edge with hobbytext.

Some of my earliest memories are of random colour combinations. My mother was very resourceful and always used up the scraps, just as Granny did. We had striped jumpers, patchwork quilts, granny rugs and I had a terrific patchwork dog too!
So it is no wonder that I love random colour combinations. I love exploring the terrain and finding nooks that suit my mood, right then, in that moment, where I want to dwell a minute - but then other ones that will fit my mood tomorrow. The seemingly never-ending combinations and discoveries keep my interest and seem to suit my mind set. Some might call me flighty. Or just easily bored.

This quilt was crocheted by my Granny, Mabel, and it was always on my Mother's bed as a quilt...
 Short sleeved jumper to replace the one I had when I was four....

My well loved every day tapestry handbag given to me by fellow sister outlaw Lynne..
The rug I'm making from the left over seams of felted jumpers..

 And beads....


  1. What an interesting topic you chose for today. I also love random color. I like everything scrappy. Right now I've entered an "I Spy" swap to collect random fabrics for making an "I Spy" quilt. I'm glad I found your blog as I'm enjoying it.

  2. Oh Granny Squares ... they are so nice ... love the rug. Makes me think of my grandmother who taught me how to crochet squares and the first thing I made was what I named a Hippy Bag. Found your blog through Blogtoberfest.

  3. Great post Julianne -- I am SOOO with you and your praise of random colour combinations! I love that little checked sweater too. Sometimes the nicest colour combinations are the accidental ones, like when I wash my mismatched multi coloured dishes and think how pretty they look drying together, or see an something clash of colour in a pile of clothes waiting to go in the machine. No wonder patchwork can be so magical....

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  5. Thanks Sandra! Your colour use in your knitting is amazing. In fact - everything about your knitting is amazing!