Monday, October 24, 2011

Favourite foxes

 Mr Fox from the wonderful animation "Fantastic Mr. Fox" - directed by Wes Anderson, adapted from Roald Dahl and starring George Clooney.

Liz from Betty Jo Designs works her lino magic with these fox brooches complete with swishy tails... she also has a crafty fox group on flickr

Intricate and colourful fox embroidery from life is crafty

This patchwork fox from hanies' flickr photostream

The folk fox brooch from A skulk of foxes

The wonderful fox from Pat Hutchins 1968 classic "Rosie's Walk" - my kids love this book!

Feeling foxy? I'm working on a crafty fox of my own...I'll show you tomorrow...pinky promise...

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  1. Yeah, Rosie's Walk! Love this book too, and it's animation, complete with country barnyard fiddle music.