Thursday, October 13, 2011

Daily barometre

Do you have a daily barometre? Something that happens each day which indicates how things are going? Or something you do each day by which you measure how your day will go?
For me, it's my eyeliner kicks.Believe it or not!Yes I know it's irrational magical thinking...but still...almost everyday for about twenty years I have drawn little "kicks" on my eyelids with liquid eyeliner. Some days it goes on easy and with the perfect curve. Swish! Other days - smudge, wipe, try again. Those are the days I suspect are not going to be smooth sailing.

Today is one of those days. My kicks are bad and already Baby Joe has had a bleeding lip from a fight with his sister and I spent  ALL MORNING working on a drawing on the computer (a pattern for something I want to make) and somehow the kids have managed to delete it! Zip! NOTHING!!! GONE!!!!!!!

Time to get ready for kinder now and I need to to STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!!!!

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  1. I've had that type of day. Lately my days have been filled with (or minus) lost things. Things I know are around somewhere but I cannot fint them. My sister says its from being over-extended and that I need to slow down.

  2. It got worse! Locked myself out of the house!Lost my keys! Tried to ring for help but my phone wouldn't work! Broke in eventually! Think we both need to slow down, Hilachas!

  3. Like those days you can play pool, and the days you can't hit a ball!

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  5. Exactly flowerpress! The milk curdled in my coffee this morning but I tried not to take it personally!