Sunday, October 30, 2011

Are we there yet?

Sugar skull gingerbread we made today...
Now that we are almost at the end of blogtoberfest 2011, I have been reflecting on my thoughts back at the beginning, when we set out on this journey.

In the first blog I asked myself a few things.

Will blogtoberfest inspire my blog posts?

Well, yes it did. I spent more time looking at other blogs, found inspiration from comments that came in and had the incentive to actually hit that "publish" button.

Will it raise my posts to new heights of insight? 

Well...this was tongue in cheek but the truth is, no! Too much rushing around to get the blog done! Blogs were a little under cooked and certainly lacking in insight!

Will blogtoberfest put me on a slippery slope, sifting through the dregs of my everyday until I'm blogging about my cup of tea?

I think it has a little. Many of the posts during blogtoberfest, I wouldn't normally deem as blog worthy. But I don't think I drowned in too much boringness (at least I hope I didn't!)

As a reluctant blogger in the first place, I thought a bit of intense blogtoberfest action might cure me of my aversion for clicking the "posting" tab and, like an athlete in training, exercise that posting muscle.

 And yes - I do feel more comfortable in blogger mode.

But really, the appeal of Blogtoberfest is being part of the gang. Of community and connection.

And yep - this was the best bit. I found new blogs and bloggers and they found me. I enjoyed exploring, reading, looking, commenting. And I often asked "Are we there yet?" And now we're almost the end of the journey...but I know we'll all still stay in touch.
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  1. We're nearly there! Everything you described is what I love about blogging. Its the connection and the community. Feel free to blog about your cup of tea. We'll all still read it!

  2. Well, I agree that we found more blogging friends. Thats how I came to be a regular visitor of your blog. I enjoy dropping in to see what new topic you've chosen. AND you did blog often. Did you make it every day? I didn't. I went on vacation on October 17th and did not get back to daily blogging. Keep it up!