Tuesday, September 6, 2011

patchwork economy

My mother liked to do hexagon patchwork, large and small, from quilts to pincushions. She favoured making the hexagons into flowers, often with a plain centre surrounded by patterned petals. She made me a terrific quilt when I was a teenager - she began making it when I was about 5 years old and finished it when I was about 15. All hand stitched. We stupidly decided to attach it to a doona cover though and the numerous washes eventually wore it out.
I used to love sitting on my bed with her and she would reminisce about each fabric - everything from flower girl dresses to hand me down frocks from friends ended up in the quilt. Her template was some cardboard from the cornflakes box and she would sit and hand stitch them in the evenings. So I guess this style of patchwork has sentimental value for me and brings back fond memories.
This image is from the "Golden Hands Encyclopedia of CRAFTS!" This decoupage hexagon patchwork floor is fantastic! I wish it was a lino design. Goes well with the wedge sandals and denim smock in the background, huh?

And a coffee table - More decoupage patchwork using fabric. I like the idea of gluing rather than hand stitching!The craft book suggests cottons are best because they absorb the adhesives and varnish.I'm considering trying this out on our very boring and ugly coffee table although the craft book warns patience is needed!

For the fun of it, I made this virtual patchwork using photoshop and images from some of my favourite summer frocks and skirts.

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