Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bubble and Squeak.

Sometimes leftovers become more than the sum of their parts. Like bubble and squeak. Is there anything yummier? And rag rugs. From rags torn into strips emerge these wonderful substantial creations. I love the idea of knitting and crocheting rags – of transforming a piece of fabric into a yarn-like medium. Of reincarnating a piece into something entirely different.
Sister Outlaw Lynne used t-shirt fabric to crochet into this ottoman. Considering the glut of second hand stretch fabric it’s such a great idea and doesn’t have fraying cotton edges either.  To achieve long lengths of t-shirt yarn she cut the t-shirts up like tearing mintie wrappers.

There is plenty of wonderful inspiration out there for rag rugs. These images remind me of paintings by Sonia Delaunay.

sonia delaunay rhthme 1938
Sonia Delaunay electric prisms 1914 oil on canvas Musee national d'art moderne
Here are some great tutorials.

Once we turned the cuffs and collars when they showed signs of wear and tear. Once, when the sheets became thin in the middle, we’d cut them down the centre and sew the two unworn sides together. This mending and maintaining came from being frugal, but also from a certain respect for the life of a piece of fabric. Old clothes were always kept for patchwork quilts that would contain a family’s history and take you on a sentimental journey. From the leftovers we can make a feast that is far from scrappy.  May your rags be glad rags that make you bubble and squeak.
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