Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Chain Gang...

Last year I started experimenting with scarf making from the sister outlaw stash of recycled woollens. We have a large box of alpaca blanket off cuts which are, by their nature, long thin strips.

 I experimented with plaiting........ 

sewing the strips end to end and knitting them on big needles....
and even ruffling them with gathers from

You name it - I tried it!

Then, on the suggestion of my daughter
Hazel, I paper chained them.

The neutral colours of the alpaca blanket didn’t appeal to her fashion sense,  so I made her a multi coloured random look scarf from recycled jumpers.

Hazel looks pretty happy with it  doesn't she?
She certainly wore it to death last winter!

From all this experimentation emerges the sister outlaw

NEW re-sew-cool KIT!

A playful scarf for kids and teenagers which should appeal to the fun in all of us.

The scarf can be looped in various ways and can even be used to place hands in for extra warmth. It makes a random colourful scarf, or alternatively, the kit can be ordered in tonal hues. The kit contains 21 pieces of ready cut recycled wool felt in various textures and thicknesses. Like other re-sew-cool kits, it has a wool needle and illustrated instructions and wool yarn for a distinctive decorative running or blanket stitch finish to each chain link.

With summer fading fast (call that a summer???) and the mornings already being chilly, it’s time to get scarf stitching and join the chain gang!

Posted by sister outlaw Julianne.

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