Thursday, May 6, 2010

purple haze

two of the sister-outlaws on their latest visit to the studio this week were overheard saying "I declare! It's time for some purple!"

This week we're awash with scandalous, important, venerable, secretive, heady purple! We're employing purple prose (discretely - we're polite sister outlaws). Gracious, we seem to be enjoying a purple patch! Violet, pass the lavender cakes, would you?

As we pegged out another glorious batch of purples, Jenny Joseph's famous poem Warning seemed fitting. It begins with: "When I am an old woman I shall wear purple". 

Hanging out fabrics from the sister outlaws stash doesn't seem like everyday washing. This morning, that felt truer than ever when the dew still sparkled on last night's load.

We peg them out in the sun, and admire the colours, the individual differences, the textures. We imagine encountering these fabrics in the future, after they've been sent into the world in re-sew-cool kits!

Remember that we have a community gallery on our sister outlaws website. This is where re-sew-cool kitsters can upload a shot of finished items. 

We sister outlaws consider ourselves easily pleased. We enjoy recognising stuff from our stash out in the world; materials we once washed and hung out to dry on our backyard clotheslines. We deal with our materials by hand, and that process makes us fond of the stuff. We reckon that that wouldn't happen if we used commercially produced felts in our products.

And if you reckon that's kooky, so be it. Maybe we're already ready to wear purple

Hand me a blackberry tart would you, darl?


  1. Singing Prince "I only want to see you laughing, in the purple rain! Purple rain, purple rain...."

  2. Good point, J! There might be purple puddles beneath the clothesline!