Sunday, March 21, 2010

Find Make Do

Betty Jo is a Melbourne artist and cratfswoman.

We're not surprised if you've already heard of her well-read blog, Lino Forest

Betty Jo turns lovely old linoleum into jewellery quite unlike anything we've seen - brooches, pendants, badges. The hues and patina of vintage lino are a fine material in Betty Jo's hands. She does it justice, adding old haberdashery and precise snippings of old textiles - everything layered, just-so.

Her design range is constantly renewed.
Where does she find the time? Not sure, but she seems to be good with time management. Betty Jo even makes clocks!
And another thing? Betty Jo offers us versions of her world of visual feasting, in the form of colour collages on greeting cards.What a great idea for a special person you know who is crazy about a particular colour! I know a few colour nerds. (Hold on - I AM one!)

Just this month she has branched out and begun another blog, focused on independent crafters. It's called Find Make Do, and it's a cracker! In Betty Jo's words: "A place to celebrate the wonderful, the creative, the repurposed, the pre-loved, and the age old tradition of making do. Showcasing crafty, innovative and unique products and the creators behind them."

Find Make Do launched this month, and already we have met Little Black Crow; a selection of genius re-wranglers of old tin; a flabbergasting vandal of old china, Trixie Delicious; followed by another trickle of china transformers; and most recently, a mention of our kits!

(The process of writing this post had me visiting and revisiting Betty Jo's various pages and web presences. Wouldn't you know it, I've gone and bought myself a brooch! This one!

The pull to buy one to wear was quite irresistible! Money well spent, on local and sustainable art!)
We're gratified that you have noticed us, Betty Jo, let alone given us a lovely plug on Find Make Do. Thankyou!

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  1. gorgeous brooch! remember that kind of lino pattern from way back when i was a kid.